Welcome to Great Tey

Great Tey is a small country village based in the heart of Colchester, Essex. The Village has a strong community feel and striving business services.


Great Tey Parish Council - Agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting

GREAT TEY PARISH COUNCIL Summons and Notice of Meeting Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall, Chappel Road, Great Tey on Tuesday 8th August 2017 at 7.30 pm

1. Apologies For Absence
2. Declaration Of Interests
3. Confirmation Of Minutes Of The Parish Council Meeting of 11th July 2017
4. Matters Arising From The Minutes

5. Public Questions and Statements

6. Report from Colchester Borough Councillor

7. Neighbourhood Plan – To receive an update from the sub committee

8. Colchester Local Plan – To consider a response to the draft Colchester Borough Local Plan consultation regarding proposed development in and around Great Tey of:-
(a) 10 dwellings on Brook Road
(b) 30 dwellings off Greenfield Drive
(c) garden village of West Tey

9. Financial Matters (a) Cheques for payment Chq.No. Payee Amount (£)/ of which VAT:-
101629 D Williams-clerk salary £467.50 less PAYE £186.80 £ 280.70
101630 HM Revenue & Customs – PAYE for clerk salary £ 186.80
101631 J Lucock – allotment gate padlock £ 18.94 (b) To receive the financial report

10. Planning Matters
(a) Applications – None at present (b)Advice of Planning Applications Approved by Colchester Borough Council – None at present
11. Highways – To consider any management matters
12. Bus service – To consider any management matters
13. Great Tey Web Site – To receive an update

14. Village Hall
(a) To receive a report on the village hall roof
(b) To consider any management matters

15. Harold Fairs Recreation Ground
(a) To receive an update for supply & installation of an overhead height restrictor & bollards to car park
(b) To consider any management matters

16. Old Playing Field – To consider any management matters
17. Allotments
(a) To consider access to the allotments
(b) To consider any management matters

18. Correspondence not dealt with elsewhere.
19. Other Business for Discussion
Date and Time of Next Meeting. Tuesday 12th September 2017 at 7.30pm
Close of meeting
Signed:- D K Williams Clerk to the Parish Council.
Approved minutes of previous parish council meetings may be inspected by arrangement with the Clerk – telephone: 01787 224895.