Welcome to Great Tey

Great Tey is a small country village based in the heart of Colchester, Essex. The Village has a strong community feel and striving business services.


Great Tey C of E (Controlled) Primary School

Chrismund Way, Great Tey, Colchester, CO6 1AZ
Telephone: 01206 210415

1st Great Tey Scout Group, Beavers and Cubs

Information on all Scout Group news and events can be found on our website www.1stgreatteygroup.co.uk. Further details on any group activity can be obtained by contacting the Group Secretary on 01206 212648 or emailing info@1stgreatteygroup.co.uk

Neighbourhood Outreach Group

Helping Hands – your local NEIGHBOURHOOD OUTREACH

Did you know that there are people in Great Tey who are so willing to help you if you need them?
They are willing to:
•Drive you to an appointment (doctor’s, hospital, dentist, opticians)
•Collect a prescription or parcel
•Help you with shopping
•Will visit you or take you to visit someone in hospital
•Support you with any form-filling or correspondence
•Maybe a bit of simple DIY, IT, or ironing, or cooking
•Need your dog walked because you are unwell

A ready team, right on your door-step, just waiting for a ‘phone call to offer a ‘helping hand’.

You might still have the leaflet handy, but if not, a list of telephone numbers to call for help is in the Village Directory which can also be found on this web site. We really are there for YOU.

Great Tey Community Speedwatch

We are the hi-vis jacketted persons you will have seen by the roadside since we began 20 months ago. We are trained by Essex Police and our aim is to deter speeding through our village and make it a safer place for us all to live. We recently participated in, and were praised for, our contribution to the “Surround A Town” one-day event organised by Colchester Borough Council during which we logged 30 speeders in our village. Speedwatch results are recorded on the Essex Police database.

We are looking for volunteers for our Community Speedwatch scheme. If you can give us half an hour of your time a week on our rota, please contact Lorraine Collins on 211248. Every volunteer will be subject to checks and training from Essex Police.

Great Tey Pre School

Places are available for 2-4 year olds from September, and for the coming year. Contact Joy or Kylie on 07712 967081, or visit our website at http://www.greatteypreschool.co.uk for more information about the pre-school and spaces available.

Parcel Delivery Scam

You may receive a card through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel delivery Service) saying that they have a parcel awaiting delivery instructions and can you contact them on 09066 611 911.

DO NOT call the number as this is a mail scam originating from Belize.

If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed a large amount of money for the phone call.

If you receive a card with these details, then please contact:
Royal Mail Fraud on 0207 239 6655

Or ICTIS at www.ictis.org.uk

Or your local trading standards office

Historical Photos

All new historical photos have been uploaded to the Great Tey photo library. These photos have been sourced from calendars which have previously been produced about the history of Great Tey and kindly loaned by David Williams.

To see the photos please visit the Great Tey photo library Click Here