Welcome to Great Tey

Great Tey is a small country village based in the heart of Colchester, Essex. The Village has a strong community feel and striving business services.


Parish of Great Tey and Little Tey

News from the Churches of Great & Little Tey

The Rector and Churchwardens send their Christmas greetings to all in the community with best wishes for the new year.

Christmas Carol Service
The Christmas Carol Service will take place on Sunday 17th December at 6.30 pm at Great Tey Church accompanied by the choir with lessons being read by various representatives of the Community and Church. Thank you to our wonderful team of bell ringers who call us to church on so many special occasions throughout the year.

Christmas Eve
The Crib Service will take place at Chappel Church on Christmas Eve at 6.00 pm; this is suitable for families and all ages.
A Service of Midnight Communion will take place on Christmas Eve at Great Tey Church at 11.00 pm; all welcome.

Christmas Day
Parish Communion 9.30 am at Great Tey Church
Family Worship at 9.30 am at Little Tey Church.

Please see page 3 of the Church Newsletter for all details of Christmas Services at Great & Little Tey and the back page for details of December Sunday Worship.

Plough Sunday
We hope that you will be able to join us for our Family Service on Plough Sunday at Little Tey Church on Sunday 14th January 2018 when we give thanks for the land and pray for God’s blessing upon those who work on the land and for the agricultural year ahead. An old fashioned plough will be brought in to church; something that the children and many of us may not have seen before so please do come along and you will be sure of a great welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the Shepherd’s Pie event such a great success and to everyone who came along on the evening; your support, kindness and generosity towards this event and throughout the year are very gratefully appreciated. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Great Tey Parish Council


Another year has passed us by quickly, but as is traditional in the Annual meeting I would like to express our gratitude to the following people whose time and effort has assisted in the smooth operation of the village over the last 12 months.

Anne Brown Essex Essex County Councillor and Peter Chillingworth Colchester Borough Councillor for all the communication and assistance they give us in the Parish

John Bland and Roy Traube for holding the bus company to task for their recent poor performance

Ivan Dyer the handyman for keeping the parks and other public condition in good order

Litter pickers who in one (cold) morning picked up enough bags of rubbish from our pavements ditches and hedges that it filled a small truck and Roger Fairs for having the forethought to replace the usual post-pick BBQ with some warming soup he prepared.

The Village Hall Management committee, Sally Brooks, Emma Sams and Alec Brooks. A few years ago we were fearful over what the future would hold for the village hall but under the new management team it is going from strength to strength.

James Elmer for his assistance in driving forward the initiative for the Village Neighbourhood Plan, a document that recent events and dozens of parishioners are now aware of in order to shape the future of our village over the coming years as the county looks to identify locations for major new development

We were sad to lose the expertise of Councillor Barron last year but have recently managed to bolster our numbers back up to a full council by Councillor Frost joining us.

Gardeners who keep the village looking so nice and give us something to judge each year.

Cllr S Beesley, May 2017.


Attendees at events in the parish will be advised by the photographer that if they object to their photographs being published they should advise the photographer at the time.


The parish council have had complaints about the amount of dog mess on the Harold Fairs Recreation Ground. It is an offence to allow your dog to foul a public place without clearing it up, and the Recreation Ground and The Old Playing Field are both public places. Please could all dog owners help keep our village clean and safe, and report to the Dog Warden at Colchester Borough Council on 01206 282581 if you see another owner failing to clear up. Thank you. – Parish Council


The post office outreach service for Great Tey is now every Tuesday and Friday at the Village Hall, opening from 1.30pm until 4.30pm. Please use this service if you want to keep a post office service in the village.

The Village Notice Board is located on the wall of Bell House Garage, at the top of the Chase opposite the Chequers Pub..


Formation of a Great Tey Neighbourhood Plan

Following Parish Council meetings on 14th February and 14th March and an Open Meeting on 28th February, it is clear that parishioners wish to be involved in planning proposals.

A number of parishioners met on 22nd March for an independent meeting intended to encourage and help parishioners to write letters to Colchester Borough Council Planning Department expressing their views regarding the proposal to build 40 homes on a site between Greenfield Drive and New Barn Road.

Great Tey was represented at a meeting of the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan Committee held at Colchester Town Hall on 27th March. A number of Great Tey parishioners attended, one parishioner spoke to the committee about parishioners’ response to the recent proposal and Peter Chillingworth, Ward Councillor, Rural North, spoke to express parishioners’ views.

Following this activity, Colchester Borough Council have invited Parish Council members to a meeting to discuss options available, including preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council is aware that a number of parishioners have begun to form a group to represent parishioners’ views and have offered to work with the Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. The aim of a Neighbourhood Plan is to enable parishioners, the Parish Council and landowners to work together with all interested parties to agree and publish a plan for future development within the parish. When complete, this plan will be submitted to Colchester Borough Council for adoption and will enable Colchester Borough Council to progress development that parishioners have agreed. At this stage we do not know whether this plan would be completed in time to affect any decisions regarding current planning proposals.

Please can those wishing to be part of the lead group, representing the parishioners views, please make themselves known to the Parish Council Clerk, David Williams, at: david@greenlandsfarm.freeserve.co.uk

We would like to encourage all parishioners to make their views known and for our work to be as efficient and productive as possible we would ask views to be channelled to the lead group volunteers whose names we will publish in due course.

Great Tey Parish Council


Passengers, particularly those using the bus to go to school or work, are strongly recommended to check for the revisions using the National Traveline Service, available at: www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk shortly before undertaking their journey, so that they are aware of any changes that have been made.

The majority of dedicated school contract services, which are not open for use by the general public will not be affected.

The web site at www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk will show the stops in Colchester when you ask for the map from Colchester to Great Tey.

The timetable is:-

Great Tey – Colchester

Monday – Friday

Service 82/82A

82A 82 82 82 82

Great Tey, Church 08:41 09:28 13:41 17:28 18:20

Marks Tey, Station 08:49 09:36 13:49 17:35 18:28

Tollgate, Sainsburys – 09:41 13:54 – 18:33

Colchester, Head Street – 09:55 14:08 – 18:47

Colchester, Stanwell Street 08:58 09:58 14:11 – 18:50

Colchester – Great Tey

Monday – Friday

Service 82/83

82 82 83

Colchester, Stanwell Street 12:20 16:15 17:40

Tollgate, Sainsburys 12:34 16:31 17:56

Marks Tey, Station 12:39 16:36 Bus goes via Fordham

Great Tey, Church 12:47 16:44 18:20

Great Tey – Colchester Service 82


Colchester – Great Tey Service 82


82 82 82

Great Tey, Church 09:28 17:23 Colchester, Stanwell Street 16:15

Marks Tey, Station 09:36 17:35 Tollgate, Sainsburys 16:31

Tollgate, Sainsburys 09:41 17:40 Marks Tey, Station 16:36

Colchester, Head Street 09:55 17:54 Great Tey, Church 16:44

Colchester, Stanwell Street 09:58 17:57

Village Hall

Hire Opportunity Available at Great Tey Village Hall

An opening has become available to start a regular new group/club at Great Tey Village Hall, every Thursday from 4.15 pm onwards.

For further information, please contact Sally Brooks on 01206 210248 or email: greattey.villagehall@gmail.com

To book the village hall please contact the manager:-

Sally Brooks
1 Farmfield Road
Great Tey
Essex CO6 1AB
Telephone:-01206 210248


Whats on at the Village Hall

9.15 am – 12.15 pmPre-School (term time only) Truly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com
2.00 pm – 3.00 pm Yoga Natasha Al-Riyami 07971107835
4.45 pm – 6.00 pm Rainbows (age 5 – 7 years)www.girlguiding.org.uk
6.00 pm – 7.30 pmBrownies (age 7 – 10 ½ years)www.girlguiding.org.uk


9.15 am – 12.15 pmPre-School (term time only) Truly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com
7.30 pm onwardsWomens’ Institute (WI) (1st Tuesday of the month)Jane Richardson (01206) 211481
7.30 pm onwardsParish Council (2nd Tuesday of the month)David Williams (01787) 224895


9.15 am – 12.15 pmPre-School (term time only) Truly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com
10 am – 11.45 amToddler GroupSally Wagland 07540773094 togz1975@yahoo.co.uk
2.00 pm – 5.30 pmFriendship/Bowls Club(alternate Wednesdays)Paul Phillips (01206) 210521 andrea.paulp@virgin.net
6.00 pm – 7.15 pmBeavers (age 6 – 8 years)Megan Cornish 07817865468 megan1stgreattey@gmail.com
7.00 pm – 8.30 pmCubs (age 8 – 10 ½ years)Melvin Tarman (01206) 212926
7.30 pm – 9.00 pmScouts (10 ½ – 14 years)Gary Brown (01206) 212648

9.15 am – 12.15 pmPre-School (term time only) Truly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com 2.00 pm – 4.00 pmDrop In Centre(2nd Thursday of each month)Norma Tregoning (01206) 210417 2.00 pm – 4.00 pmCommunity Warden/Bingo (4th Thursday of each month)Norma Tregoning (01206) 210417 4.15pm – 8.15 pm Dynamite School of Dance (Freestyle Dance Class from 3 years)Sarah Harding (Dance Principle) 07827693094


9.15 am – 12.15 pmPre-School (term time only) Truly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com
12.15 pm – 1.15 pm Pre-School lunch-clubTruly or Joy on 07712967081 greatteypreschool@hotmail.com
2.00 pm – 5.30 pm“The Swing Express Big Band” band practiceMr Simpson (01787) 222628
7.30 pm – 9.30 pmYouth Activity Club (age 11 – 17 years)(alternate Fridays)Alec Brooks (01206) 210248
(Catchment area: Great Tey, Little Tey, Chappel, Wakes Colne)
7.30 pm – 10.30 pmWinter Bowls (November to March) (alternate Fridays)Mike Holliday (01206) 210709


9.00 – 10.30 amKarateJohn Webb 07769720068



There have been a recent spate of burglaries in the Village. Crimes can take place at any time of day or night, so please be vigilant and keep and eye open on your own, and your neighbours, properties.

You can phone the police on 101 to report any strange activity, but if it is an emergency and you require the police immediately, please phone 999.

Thank you

Parish Council


For any one who is new to the village and is interested, we do have a paper delivery service. The papers come from the Post Office at Marks Tey and are delivered to a point in the village where the children collect them and deliver them before going to school. Unfortunately this delivery service is limited to the village only during the week (Mon – Fri), all out lying houses have to fend for themselves. There is a delivery service to the outlying houses as well as the village at the weekend though. The charge is 30p per day in the village and 75p per day (Sat – Sun) for out lying house. This cost may seem high, but it has to cover the cost of the children and weekend adult who deliver the papers and also the cost of the man who delivers early every morning to the village. If any one is interested in having a paper delivered they should contact the Post Office at Marks Tey and let them know your name and address and where your house is situated.


Places are available for girls and boys to attend our Beaver Colony (6-8 years), Cub Pack (8 – 10.5 years) and Scout Troop (10.5 – 14.5 years).
We meet every Wednesday evening during school term time in the Village Hall. Beavers from 6pm to 7:15pm, Cubs from 7pm to 8:30pm and Scouts from 7:30pm to 9pm.
If you know a young person who might like to join our group, please contact Melvin Tarman (number above) or speak to any of our Leaders on Wednesday evenings.


Places are available for girls aged 7 — 11 years to join Great Tey Brownies

Due to lack of numbers the 35+yr old pack may have to close.
We meet Mondays at the village hall at 6pm
Please don’t let this happen. join now!
If you are nearly 7, call too!
Call: 01206 211350 for details


The maintenance of the roads and lanes in and around our village are the responsibility of Essex County Council. Their contact points have recently changed, and if you wish to contact them regarding any Highways issue, or to report potholes, please telephone 0845 603 7631 or email H&TLocalism&Customereast@essex.gov.uk
Great Tey Parish Council


Colchester Borough Council and Essex Police have joined forces to provide you with a direct line to report anti-social behaviour. You can now speak to a team of dedicated specialists who can talk through your problems and deal with your call more efficiently by assigning it to the correct agency.

The ASB hotline number is 282731, it will operate between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Callers outside these times should leave a message, but urgent calls (i.e. threats to life) should ring 999.


Russell Cottis is very keen to hear from anyone wishing to find
out more about the FIRST RESPONDERS group in
Great Tey as more people are URGENTLY required.
Please email him on russell.cottis@btinternet.com or
by telephone 01787 223573

Village Weekend Accounts 2014



Entrance 137.10 Bottles 350.00 Church games – Skeeball 41.00 Cakes 15.00 Ice cream 104.00 Books/Toys/Crockery 140.75 WI 30.00 Organ grinder 5.15 Advertising 275.00 Donations 827.08 Community Games Legacy Fund 400.00 Tea Tent 450.19 Table Tennis 28.74 Raffle 578.00 Recipe Books 24.00 Splat the Rat 5.00 Community Wardens 39.00 Bouncy Castle 35.00



Bouncy Castle 160.00
Games expenses 37.35
St Johns 80.00
Raffle Licence 20.00
Loos 216.00
Printing 312.00
Programme prize 25.00
Radio advert 25.00
Olympic Signs 36.00
Organ Grinder 80.00
Marks Tey Radio 270.00
Bookers Prizes 81.32
Insurance (donated)
Tables 12.00
WW1 77.25
Duathlon/football etc 79.45
Raffle 150.00
Tea tent 50.19



Poppies etc 200.00
Cricket equipment 75.48
PA System 572.29


Great Tey Footpath Preservation Society

All enquiries to Peter Wakeling (21887).

Great Tey Friendship/Bowls Club

We invite senior citizens (55+) to join us at the Village Hall where they can enjoy an entertaining afternoon with delightful, like-minded people.

For any details please contact Paul on 01206 210521