Colchester Borough Council Community Response Pack


Colchester Borough Council introduce you to their Community Response Pack. Essentially this is a quick reference guide( although containing a wealth of information) to services that are on hand to support our communities.

This pack has been produced to support you and your community during the ongoing COVID-19 situation and to help you prepare for winter.

Within you’ll find a list of key contacts, resources, and information in one place, which we hope you can share with your community. Colchester Borough Council (CBC) continues to work closely with local strategic partners, banded together as One Colchester. The council, voluntary sector, police, health, education, and business community along with many others make up the partnership and are committed to close collaboration in support of our communities.

The CBC Community Response team is closely aligned to Community360 (C360) and is to dedicate providing support, advice, and assistance to those who need it across the borough. Colchester’s amazing communities have responded in force, volunteers, groups, and activities springing up with local leaders to help those in need. The Council is supporting this social movement however it can. Organisations or groups who need advice or support are encouraged to contact the Communities Response team by emailing .

The pack can be viewed on the following link:

Community Pack V31 February 2022