Welcome to Great Tey

Great Tey is a small country village based in the heart of Colchester, Essex. The Village has a strong community feel and striving business services.




92 people attended the meeting.The chairman of the meeting was the Great Tey Parish Council Chairman Cllr S Beesley.

He said that the meeting had been called so that parishioners could give their views on the Parish’s response to Colchester Borough Council regarding the proposed further site for consideration in the Colchester Local Plan. The site is a proposed 40 house development between Greenfield Drive and New Barn Road in Great Tey, plus 1ha of open space.

He said that a neighbourhood plan has been suggested by some parishioners and he asked for volunteers to set up and run the plan. In the first instance they should contact the clerk of the parish council.

Cllr Beesley then asked for questions and statements and said that he would answer where appropriate:-
1.Can we have a show of hands regarding support for the development – Answer We will have that later in the meeting.
2.Can we have a review of the sites submitted in the Local Plan. Answer The site in Brook Road proposes 17 houses, and the site between Greenfield Drive and New Barn Road proposes 40 houses.
3. Why was this 40 house site submitted so late. Answer I cannot answer on behalf of Colchester Borough Council (CBC).
4.Why is the other site on the other side of Brook Road to the left as you enter the village not proceeding. Answer The preferred site was the 17 houses in Brook Road as you enter the village on the right.
5. There was no answer from CBC when they attended at the last parish council meeting when the 40 house site was discussed and the disruption and the lack of infrastructure in Great Tey was mentioned.
6. There are 275 homes in Great Tey at present, so 57 new houses is 20% not 6% as in the housing plan.
7. Is there a known quota from CBC for houses in Great Tey. Answer No
8. Is there a known plan for infrastructure in Great Tey. Answer No.
9.In that case there should not be development in Great Tey until a suitable infrastructure is in place.
10.Has the parish council considered taking court action regarding the lack of consultation for this 40 house site. Answer No, there is a consultation.
11. Are CBC happy that raw sewage may spill over due to the new houses. Answer We do not know.
12. I am keen that the village is not swallowed up in West Tey and I am in favour of two developments. A healthy village should have a church, pub, a shop, and a primary school. Our school has 48 pupils, some from Colchester, and can take 40 more. We would not get this, or an improved bus service, without more people in the village.
13.We will not get different styles of housing.
14. The parish council should represent views of the village and put their personal views aside.
15.We have an early bus which does not service Great Tey properly. Bures and Colne Engaine have a better bus service than Great Tey.
16. What sort of people will live in the new houses. Answer The proposal states that it would deliver affordable rent housing.
17. The infrastructure under concern includes sewage, roads.
18. An unmanaged building of houses in Great Tey will cause great concern with the traffic and children walking to school.
19.Great Tey is the smallest state school in Essex, and of the 48 pupils only 50% live in Great Tey. The school cannot develop without housing development.
20.This is a wonderful opportunity to consider Great Tey development in the next 20 years plus. We must encourage a village development plan. The village needs to know what it wants.
21. The 40 house site was put forward some years ago for 50 houses.
22. There is no guarantee that the new houses will have children of school age.
23. Can we structure what development we are happy with.
24. I understand that a footpath in Brook Road is important.
25. Were there any objections to the plans for 17 houses in Brook Road. Answer No planning application has been received.
26. The site for 17 houses in Brook Road appears to have the infrastructure for sewage etc.
27. Should all parishioners write separately regarding the 40 house site. Answer Yes, in their own words.
28.There is a definite need for a neighbourhood plan.
29.The 40 house site proposal is not specific, the access points and number of houses is negotiable.
30. A neighbourhood plan is an enormous process and will take years to do.
31.You have not got all the village here so a vote will not be indicative.
32. I suggest that you send a note around the village asking parishioners what they want.
33.Can we not support the site originally proposed on the other side of Brook Road rather than the 40 house site.Answer We can do what we like as long as we have support of the parishioners.
34. There is a meeting of CBC on 27 March so we do not have enough time to send out letters.
35. There is enough people here to get a view what the village wants regarding which site and how many houses.
36.There is some 400 houses in Great Tey parish not 275 houses.
37. When the 40 house site was proposed before, no entrance was allowed off New Barn Road.
38.No one has told us of the type of houses on the 40 house site.
39. Why did the site on the other side of Brook Road not proceed.
40. The concrete roads on the estate would not be able to take construction traffic.

Parishioners asked that a show of hands was given for various sites with various numbers of houses and the results were:-
(a)The preferred site at Brook Road on the right side coming into the village – Those in favour of 20 houses – 50 votes
Those in favour of 30 houses – 15 votes
Those in favour of 50 houses – None

(b)The proposed site between New Barn Road and Greenfield Drive –
Those in favour of 10 houses – 3 votes
Those in favour of 20 houses – 7 votes
Those in favour of 30 houses – 1 vote
If access was not through the estate would you change your vote – 3 votes

(c)The site on the left side of Brook Road coming into the village –
Those in favour of 10 houses – 30 votes
Those in favour of 20 houses – 35 votes
Those in favour of 30 houses – 5 votes
Those in favour of 40 houses – None

(d)Any site elsewhere in Great Tey
Those in favour of 10 houses – 1 vote

41.What would the parish council do for parishioners here. Answer This would be discussed at the next parish council meeting.
42. Doctors’ appointments are difficult now, and more houses will make it worse.
43. There is a flooding issue with the field for the 40 house site which is higher than the surrounding houses.
44. I suggest that Peter Chillingworth, Borough Councillor, is involved as he would help giving planning guidance.
45. A link should be made on the web site to the CBC Local Plan part two.
46. A parishioner said he would take email addresses of those present and contact them and arrange structure of letters to CBC
Cllr Beesley thanked those attending and said that anyone interested in being involved with a neighbourhood plan should contact the clerk of the parish council in the first instance.

The meeting closed at 9.12pm.